Monday, August 30, 2010

I Am a Trucker's Spouse

My husband is a semi-truck driver.  This statement is one that I am very proud to be able to make.
Like many people I was raised not knowing a lot about truck drivers.  I didn't know any truckers, and didn't know enough about my own ignorance to find out more information.  The information I did have was full of errors.  I thought things like only people with criminal records were truckers, or that truckers didn't have college degrees.  I even thought that all truckers were fat, dirty men.  Boy was I wrong!
I met a great guy.  One of his goals in life was to become a semi-truck driver.  He got his B license before we got married, and I thought that was as far as it would go.  A few years into our marriage, he decided to take a course on truck driving, and of course was the top of his class.
I was not a supportive spouse when he started looking for jobs.  I threatened to divorce him if he became a long-haul driver.  I makes me laugh now to think about all of the fights that I tried to start with him about his chosen career path, especially because none of my dire predictions came true.
Since that time, my husband has held a regional job where he had to do his own unloading, held another regional job where he was training other drivers, driven over the road for the same company, and changed to 2 other over the road companies.  He just recently accepted a local route with the company that he has been working for over the last two years.
Over the years, I have talked to other trucker's wives, and have discovered a lot.  There are wives out there like me that are nervous about being a trucker's wife, and then there are those that embrace the idea whole-heartedly.  One thing that I have found to be true of all is that it is nice being able to talk to someone else who understands what it is like being married to a trucker.  This is true whether their spouse is local or over the road.
I wanted to start this blog to try and reach out to other trucker spouses.  If I can share my experiences, and maybe hear about other people's experiences, maybe it can help me to be a better trucker's spouse.

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